Business Packages

Business Packages

No More Pay By The Hour
No More Large Retainers

REIBLAW realizes that the hourly method of billing for legal work is inefficient and creates a disincentive for clients to utilize legal services. So, in addition to traditional billing methods we now offer our clients a plan that delivers access to legal services at tremendous value. We call them Access Plans*. The Access Plans* offer legal services for a fixed monthly fee.

Whether you are in the planning phase, new business, or have been in business for years, you will benefit from the services offered in the Access Plans. We also offer an Access Plan for Speakers and Coaches. Both Plans provide several advantages so you can:

Fix your legal fees every month for the lifetime of your membership enabling you to consistently budget for legal fees without worrying about changes or surprises,
Spread your legal costs over an entire year,
Receive a significant discount on other flat fee services.


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