Family Law

Family Law

Family law is a broad term that encompasses all issues involved in the marriage and family context. Some of those issues are considered their own areas of practice, such as Divorce, Child Custody and Support Issues, and Premarital and Postmarital Agreements and Estate Planning. Our firm deals with all legal aspects of marriage and family relationships on a daily basis.


When a married couple decide to formally end the marriage relationship, they must file for divorce. Texas law has specific requirements that our firm can help walk you through so that you can end that relationship properly. At the time of divorce, all property obtained during the marriage by either party should be awarded to one person or the other. One reason to file for divorce is that in Texas a person cannot marry again without that first marriage being dissolved. One reason for hiring an attorney is to make sure ALL assets are divided properly and the marriage is properly ended. Our Firm is able to assist you in every aspect of a Divorce case, including Collaborative methods.

Child Issues

This area of practice includes child custody, such as possession schedules, the rights a parent has in regard to their child, child support, paternity cases, as well "mistaken paternity". Texas courts strive to rule in “the best interest of the child” and our firm helps the judge see all sides of the issue so that you can spend the maximum amount of time with your child.

Premarital and Postmarital Agreements

These agreements are drafted before and after marriage to answer questions such as how property and assets may be divided if a divorce occurs. The hope is that the premarital or a postmarital agreement serves to answer any questions that may arise. Our firm drafts these agreements and also can look at an existing premarital agreement to see if it is valid in Texas, another State, or in another Country.


When two people divorce, there are often lingering obligations governed by the divorce decree. The most common deal with possession schedules of children or child support, but other obligations could be money paid directly from one party to the other over time or health insurance coverage. Our firm can discuss modification of those obligations with you, determine if a modification you want is possible and likely, and help you obtain that modification.


At times, a party might not follow an order of the court. Enforcement of those orders, whether they are temporary orders or a final decree, is commonly done by filing a Motion to Enforce. Our firm can take you through this process to protect your rights, beginning with discussions with the non-compliant spouse, and going back to court if necessary.


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