Legacy Package

Legacy Package

Wills are not for the living. They are for the ones who are left behind. At The Reib Firm, we have found our friends and neighbors have planned for every contingency except the one that is certain. Armed with this knowledge we set out to help people secure their families’ futures and found that most people did not need and could not afford to pay the high legal fees required for a sophisticated estate plan. So we created the Legacy Package.

The Legacy Package is a first line of defense for your family at an affordable price. The cornerstone of this package is the simple will. A simple will divides your assets evenly among your heirs and names an executor, trustee and guardian for minor children.


  • → Simple Will Included

  • → Healthcare Power of Attorney Included

  • → Financial Power of Attorney Included

  • → Living Will (Physician’s Directive) Included

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We put this list of legal terms together to help clarify what are often confusing usage of legal jargon.

→ Will

The cornerstone of any estate plan, a will specifies how you want your assets distributed when you die and names an executor for your estate as well as a guardian for your minor children.

→ Estate

The total of all property and assets that you own, minus any liabilities such as loans or debts, at the time of your death.

→ Executor

A person/institution, such as a law firm, named in a will as being responsible for managing the deceased estate.

→ Guardian

A person named in a will whose role is to protect the interests of the minor children.

→ Health Care Proxy

Authorizes someone to make medical decisions for you if you are unable to do so. Also called Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care.

→ Living Will

Allows you to spell out the medical treatment you want under specific circumstances. Also known as a Medical Directive.

→ Power of Attorney

A document that lets an individual appoint another person to act on his or her behalf.

→ Probate

The legal process of settling an estate, which includes verifying the authenticity of the will, creating an inventory of the deceased assets and liabilities, paying off debts and taxes, identifying heirs, and distributing property.

→ Trust

A legal arrangement that allows you to transfer property to a trustee for the benefit of your beneficiaries, without court involvement.

→ Living Trust

Also known as an Inter Vivos Trust, a Living Trust is established while you are still alive and can be dissolved or changed before you die. An Irrevocable Trust cannot be altered after it has been executed.

→ Testamentary Trust

Created by a will, this trust becomes effective only upon the death of the person named.

→ Trustee

The person, persons, or institution responsible for managing the assets placed into a trust and/or transferring property to beneficiaries or heirs.


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